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Making the Greener Decision

Leave one less carbon footprint on this world. 

We provide a personalized experience and work directly with owners, operators, and Information Technology Professionals within your company to provide Premium Refurbished Computers and Equipment.


Computer Recycling

We recycle everything from Computers and Servers, Hard-Drives, Cellular Devices, iPhones, Androids, & all types of Smart Phones, IP Phone Recycling, IP Conference Stations, Testing Equipment, Computer Parts (i.e. Motherboards, memory, power supplies, cables, keyboards, mice, monitors.
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It Asset Recovery (ITAD)

Compiling a complete electronic asset inventory list, De-installation services, Reconditioning and re-deployment of assets, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), We also offer asset recovery programs in unique circumstances.
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Refurbishing Hardware

Top standard products that are economically and environmentally friendly encompassing all clients with our refurbished services. From servers, computer systems, phone systems and any electronic devices, we provide the highest quality products in all situations.
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Asset Liquidation

Whether you need your company assets recycled, and/or relocated for our Refurbished Hardware services or assistance in providing services specializing in removal of cubicles, office furniture, warehouse equipment, electronics, we've got you covered.
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Secure Data Destruction

When you need it securely destroyed, we've got you covered: Tightly integrated data destruction, Centrally managed E-Waste recycling, De-magnetize or shred every asset, Unique certificate of disposition provided for every asset.
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Book a Bin

Phoenix Electronic Recycling offers electronic waste pick-up services. For companies with sizable amounts of electronic waste, we deliver a stackable metal box for easy loading and pick up.
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