Secure Data Destruction

When you need it securely destroyed, we’ve got you covered. 

We provide tightly integrated data destruction, & centrally managed electronic waste recycling solutions.

We de-magnetize and shred every asset giving you peace of mind that your products will never enter the grey market nor enter the hands of 3rd party sellers. 

Unique certificate of disposition provided for every asset.

Data Shredding Services

Why It Matters

When hard drives are not securely shredded and destroyed, it can lead to data breaches from these devices and put you and your business at risk. Phoenix Electronic Recycling prevents your data from being recovered by securely shredding and destroying your hard drives.

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Services

Hard drive destruction helps eliminate any chance of data being recovered from the destroyed assets. This is an ideal solution for computer hardware that cannot be re-used or sold.  

We at Phoenix Electronic Recycling incorporate high-security hard drive shredders, which result in data being completely unrecoverable.

We are the leading on-site hard drive shredding with our state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredder truck.

Phoenix Electronic Recycling Hard Drive Services Comes to You

When you choose Phoenix Electronic Recycling’s hard drive shredding, we can perform our shredding on-site at your business’ premises or off-site at our facility. You can rest assured that you’ll be getting fast and efficient hard drive shredding services that is secure and environmentally friendly.  

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