Electronic Recycling

As one of the leading electronic waste recycling service providers, Phoenix Electronic Recycling works as your trusted partner, selling computers that still have value. We recycling those that don’t have any value in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. Any non-resalable computers are safely shredded. Phoenix Electronic Recycling is one of the industry’s most experienced computer recycling providers. We adhere to all current guidelines for the proper disposal of hazardous electronic waste. 

We recycle everything from Computers and Servers, Hard-Drives, Cellular Devices, iPhones, Androids, & all types of Smart Phones, IP Phone Recycling, IP Conference Stations, Testing Equipment, Computer Parts (i.e. Motherboards, memory, power supplies, cables, keyboards, mice, monitors). We also provide hard drive shredding. 

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Phoenix Electronic Recycling, LLC

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